Refreshment and
peace of mind.

The sound of the waves ebb and flow beyond the pine grove of Senbon Matsubara. Bathtubs brim with soft water. The Spa at Numazu Club is a place of rejuvenation. Regain balance with nature and restore rhythms of body and mind that have been unknowingly disrupted. In addition to the reservation-only treatments supervised by the total beauty company uka for Numazu Club, the spa is equipped with an indoor bath, an open-air bath that is an artificial hot spring containing minerals from Koumeiseki stone, and a stone sauna and standard sauna rooms.

Materials and Facilities

The spa uses water drawn from a well on the Numazu Club grounds that shares the same source as the springs of the Kakita River, one of the three clearest streams in Japan. From the slopes of Mt. Fuji, this water has gradually trickled through numerous strata, growing rich in minerals such as vanadium, potassium, and magnesium, and has excellent cleansing properties.

The surfaces in the stone sauna are covered with Bad Gastein stone slabs mined in Austria. Natural Bad Gastein stone is said to emit far-infrared rays that can improve immunity and activate metabolism.

In addition, there is one self-steaming sauna on the first floor and two saunas with different temperatures on the second floor. A relaxation area is also available to refresh your warmed body.

Spa Hours

06:00-10:30 / 15:00-23:30

*The men’s area is located on the first floor, and the women’s area on the second. Changes may occur without notice due to maintenance or other reasons.

沼津倶楽部 沼津倶楽部 沼津倶楽部

Treatment Menu

Enjoy a fresh start for a new stage. Numazu Club’s uka-supervised treatment menu restores your original beauty and fills you with energy for tomorrow.
Our treatments use oils from the uka organic body care series made with precious cynara oil. Extracted from the seeds of a wild species of creeping thistle, cynara oil has become sought after as an alternative to argan oil for use in anti-aging (age appropriate) care. The organic body care series focuses on the body’s hormones and comes in three blends derived from carefully chosen essential oils that encourage a healthy circadian rhythm, which is often disrupted by modern life. We select oils appropriate for your physical condition and mood, as part of personalized care that includes attentive counseling. We can also prepare a custom treatment just for you with a combination of oils.
This original Numazu Club treatment menu goes beyond mere relaxation with essences that restore your harmony with nature.

Body Treatment

¥16,100 each (tax & service charge included) / 60min

Full body
Drain all the lymph nodes throughout the body to feel well adjusted and light.
Areas treated: back, legs (front and back), arms, décolleté, head (uka scalp brush kenzan head massage)

Upper body
Focus on relieving tension in the easily tired upper body and improving clear vision.
Areas treated: back, neck & shoulders, décolleté, underarm, head (uka scalp brush kenzan head massage)

Targeted treatments for body parts

¥8,050 each (tax & service charge included) / 30min

Dry head spa
Head treatment with uka scalp brush kenzan head massage.
Gently relieve tension from the neck and shoulders, and promote blood circulation around the entire face by combining kenzan with pressure points on the scalp to lift up the face. Also recommended for those who suffer from eyestrain.

A foot and below-the-knee treatment using uka hand & foot balm happy work, which contains camphor and essential oils to soften and condition the skin. Relax from the feet to the whole body.

Relieve tension in the chest area, as well as the neck, shoulders, sides, and shoulder blades to improve breathing. Caring for the décolleté, which tends to grow stiff, will expand your range of motion.

Hands & arms
Gently relax the arms from the shoulder to the fingertips, with uka nail oil used on the fingertips alongside uka organic body care series oil.
Choose your favorite fragrance and gloss, and enjoy relief of stiffness of your overworked arms.

Treatment Room Hours (Appointment only)
15:00-20:30 (Last reception)

Appointments & Inquiries
Tel+81 (0)55-954-6611

*If you wish to enjoy a treatment, please make an appointment when you reserve your room, or at reception upon your arrival.

<Before Your Appointment>

—Treatments are by appointment only, so we recommend that you make an appointment in advance.
—Please be aware that depending on circumstances, we may be unable to accept same-day appointments.
—In the event you arrive late to your appointment, we may need to adjust the content or reschedule your treatment in order to avoid conflicts with other appointments.
—A cancellation fee will apply for same-day cancellations.
—If you are receiving medical treatment for high blood pressure, heart disease, allergies, or other conditions, please consult with your doctor before using our services. Please understand that we cannot offer treatment to guests who fall into any of the following categories.
         —Those with symptoms of infectious diseases
         —Those who are seriously ill
         —Pregnant women
         —Those who are intoxicated
—Our spa does not offer medical treatments. Please understand that the treatments are for purposes of relaxation before making an appointment.

Organic Body Care Series


Focuses on oxytocin, which puts you in a gentle mood, for soft, huggable skin. Contains ylang-ylang, mandarin, black pepper, and yuzu.


Focuses on melatonin, which encourages a peaceful night. Contains frankincense, lavender, marjoram, mandarin, and petitgrain.


Focuses on serotonin secretion during the daytime. Contains rosemary, lemon, and black spruce for a feel like refreshing in the sunlight.