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四川料理を専門とする齋藤氏は、「分解と再構築」をテーマに掲げ、自らが店主を務める鎌倉の「イチリン ハナレ」にて、独自の中国料理を表現し続けています。馴染み深い中華に新たな要素を加えて創り出された料理は、シンプルに素材の良さを味わうことができます。



Zenbei Miwa, a lover of tea ceremony with a deep knowledge of architecture, built the sukiya-style teahouse in 1913 with the vision of hosting tea ceremonies for hundreds of people. The building is a work of art, with a luxurious interior composed of elegant Japanese-style rooms, a tea room with a three-tatami-mat floor that was relocated from Kyoto, and a lounge with a blend of Japanese and Western styles.

We want many people to savor special moments inside this precious building carefully passed down from the early 20th century. Our distinctive cuisine is rooted in Chinese cooking, under the supervision of chef and Shizuoka native Hirofumi Saito.

Saito applies his expertise in Sichuan cooking to dismantle and reconstruct Chinese cuisine into unique expressions at Ichirin Hanare, the Kamakura restaurant that he runs. Meals that incorporate novel elements into familiar Chinese dishes allow for simple enjoyment of the best ingredients.

Numazu Club offers distinctive seasonal course meals that mix bold with delicate, featuring seafood from Suruga Bay and off the Izu Peninsula alongside rich ingredients harvested near Numazu.

営業時間Opening Hours

ご朝食Breakfast7:30-10:00 (ラストオーダーLast order 9:00)
ご昼食Lunch11:30-15:00 (ラストオーダーLast order 13:30)
ご夕食Dinner17:30-22:00 (ラストオーダーLast order 20:00)


Advanced dining reservations are required for lunch and dinner.