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The Numazu Club Spa offers water from Mt. Fuji in the baths and unique stone from Austria’s Bad Gastein is used for healing radon therapy. This extremely positive treatment provides alleviation from a range of conditions such as autoimmune diseases, respiratory concerns, and chronic pain.

A variety of traditional treatments are also available including massages and facials.


Numazu Club offers a variety of aromatherapy courses based on the tenets of phytotherapy, a field of study that relies on the natural healing properties of plants to maintain both mind and body holistically. The treatments begin with a restorative bath in waters from Mt. Fuji and time in our unique heated room lined with special stone from Austria.

Full body treatment 90 minutes \16,000 (Visitors \18,000)

Using aromatherapy oils chosen to suit your mood, we offer a powerful combination of warming touch, gentle stroke, and deep massage customized to your specific needs. Aromatherapy massage has many benefits –physical, emotional, as well as spiritual. Various massage techniques can help to remove toxins and reduce muscle fatigue and tension. On an emotional level, the massage calms the mind and emotions and brings about a feeling of deep relaxation.

Select treatment 60 minutes \12,000 (Visitors \15,000)

This treatment focuses on the parts of your body that need special attention. Relieve fatigue or relax tense muscles; you can choose to focus on your head, arms, below your knees, or your back and thighs. Please consult with the therapist about the most effective technique.

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