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NIKI Resort is the operator of Numazu Club and the following properties.

Niki Club

Niki Club sits on the confluence of two rivers outside the town of Yokozawa, Tochigi Prefecture, just 75 minutes by bullet train from Tokyo. Spread over 36 acres of pristine wilderness, the resort comprises several contemporary buildings including accommodations, restaurants, and a spa, as well as gardens, walking paths, and private hotsprings. Niki also offers many experiences for visitors, such as workshops in glassblowing or ceramics, pizza making, gardening, seasonal sports, and exploring the local sights. There are two excellent restaurants serving Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine using many locally grown or sourced ingredients.



Occupying one corner of the Niki Club, Kankikan is a multi-purpose facility ideal for large events such as weddings, receptions, lectures, and so on. With two dining rooms, a large garden area, a spacious lounge and bar, and an outdoor stage, Kanikikan lends itself to many distinct purposes. The stage in particular is unusual as it was constructed in part using mirrors that reflect the changing seasons and surrounding forest and sky, and from stone brought from the famous quarries of Shikoku island.


Gallary Satsu

An oasis of peace in central Tokyo, Gallery Satsu combines elegant, contemporary design with a love of books and tea. A cross between a tearoom and a library with a liberal dose of local crafts on display, it’s a perfect place to relax, recharge, and enjoy the changing seasons of the Imperial Palace Park across the road.


Art Biotop

Tucked away in the forests of Tochigi Prefecture sits Art Biotop, dedicated to nature, art, food, and creativity. Open to both day and overnight visitors, there are workshops for glass and clay, pizza and soba; guided forest walks; hiking and cycling; and a gallery, library, and café. Art Biotop is also celebrated for its art colony leanings, providing residence opportunities and support to visiting artists. Overnight guests also have access to the superb spa at the nearby Niki Resort. A perfect place to relax, recharge, learn, and interact.


NIKI Resort Inc.,

Niki Resort is the operator of the unique boutique and culture resort hotels and galleries in Japan.

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