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Numazu Forest Run or Walk

Senbonmatsu (1000 Pine Trees) is a beautiful park just behind Numazu Club. Choose a 1.5 or 3 mile course with a map or simply explore on your own. The trees produce high levels of alpha-pinene, known to be beneficial for alleviating symptoms of asthma, fatigue, and chronic pain.

Samurai Experience

Experience and learn the form of classic master swordsman. Called iaido in Japanese, it is the way of the sword, practiced by samurai and statesmen for many generations. Guests will be provided with appropriate attire and given wooden swords with which to practice. Age 13 and above.

Sake Tasting

Shizuoka prefecture is known for its diverse and delicious local sake. Sample several types and enjoy a variety of traditional otsumami, snacks eaten while drinking. For those interested in sake from farther afield, other breweries’ vintages are also available.

Yukata Experience with Senko Hanabi (Seasonal)

There is something wonderful about being professionally dressed in an authentic Japanese yukata (a lighter-weight version of the kimono). After you’re properly attired, inhale a sampling of incense and light up some senko hanabi, Japanese sparklers.

Tea Ceremony

Perhaps one of the most iconic of traditional Japanese experiences, the tea ceremony rewards all five senses and takes participants deep within the culture. First observe and then try your hand at this deceptively simple ritual and understand why it was part of every samurai’s training.

Wagashi (Japanese sweets)

While still in your yukata (or your regular clothes), learn about and sample the infinite variety of Japanese sweets, commonly served during tea ceremony or when guests arrive.

Ikebana (flower arranging)

Where art, nature, and Zen come together; ikebana teaches patience and an appreciation for simplicity rarely found in Western floral arrangements. Using local flowers and plants, you’ll learn the secrets of this elegant pastime.

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